Train Nha Trang

Mekong Delta Travel offers train Nha Trang city booking services to other destinations as below:

Train from Nha Trang:

ToTrain NameHardSeatSoftSeatHardBerth(6)SoftBerth(4)
Bien HoaReunification Express TrainN/A$32$39$42
DanangReunification Express TrainN/A$35$44$46
Dieu TriReunification Express TrainN/A$25$33N/A
Dong HoiReunification Express TrainN/A$44$53$57
HanoiReunification Express TrainN/A$57$87$90
Ho Chi Minh CityReunification Express TrainN/A$33$41$43
HueReunification Express TrainN/A$40$48$51
Muong ManReunification Express Train$20$24$29N/A
Ninh BinhReunification Express Train$48$50$68$72
Thap ChamReunification Express TrainN/A$24$32N/A
Thap ChamReunification Express Train$19$24$32N/A
VinhReunification Express TrainN/A$49$62$65
VinhReunification Express TrainN/A$51$64$68
VinhReunification Express Train$44$49$62$65


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