Train Hanoi

Mekong Delta Travel offers train Hanoi City booking services to other destinations as below:

Train Hanoi

ToTrain NameHardSeatSoftSeatHardBerth(6)SoftBerth(4)
DanangReunification Express TrainN/A$45$62$64
Dieu TriReunification Express TrainN/A$58$77$80
Dieu TriReunification Express Train$48$54$71$73
Dieu TriReunification Express Train$51$56$72$75
Dong HoiReunification Express TrainN/AN/AN/AN/A
Dong HoiReunification Express Train$35$40$49N/A
Hai PhongReunification Express TrainN/A$15N/AN/A
Ho Chi Minh CityReunification Express TrainN/A$69$91$95
HueReunification Express TrainN/A$43$57$59
Muong ManReunification Express Train$55$67$91$94
Nam NinhReunification Express TrainN/AN/AN/A$58
Nha TrangReunification Express TrainN/A$57$87$90
Ninh BinhReunification Express Train$17$20N/AN/A
SapaReunification Express TrainN/AN/AN/A$39
Tuy HoaReunification Express TrainN/A$57$72$78
Thanh HoaReunification Express Train$21$23N/AN/A
Thap ChamReunification Express TrainN/A$65$88$92
Thap ChamReunification Express Train$53$65$88$92
VinhReunification Express TrainN/A$27$32$34
VinhReunification Express TrainN/A$28$33$35
VinhReunification Express Train$25$27$32$34


Tourist Train Hanoi

To Train Name Hard Berth (6) Soft Berth (4) VIP Berth(2)
DanangLivitrans Express TrainN/AN/AN/A
DanangViollete Express TrainN/A$70 N/A
HueViollete Express TrainN/A$65 N/A
HueLivitrans Express TrainN/A$74 N/A
SapaHara Express TrainN/AN/AN/A
SapaKing Express TrainN/AN/AN/A
SapaTSC Express TrainN/AN/AN/A
SapaKing Express TrainN/A$39 $77
SapaOrient Express TrainN/A$41 $79
SapaLivitrans Express TrainN/A$42 N/A
SapaViollete Express TrainN/A$42 N/A
SapaTulico Express TrainN/A$43 $84
SapaHoa Phuong Train (Flamboyant Train)N/A$44 N/A
SapaChapa Express TrainN/A$44 $85
SapaSapaly Express TrainN/A$47 $87
SapaFansipan Express TrainN/A$47 $91
SapaVictoria Express TrainN/A$155 $295


Train Hanoi terminals:

Hanoi station has two gates. The main gate located at 120 Le Duan Street, Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi. This Gate is usually for South-bound train. And the Station B located at Tran Quy Cap Street, Hoan Kiem District, and Hanoi usually for North train as Sapa.

Both of station has the waiting hall for passengers. With the Tourist train, if you receive the voucher, you will have to arrive at their office at Station to reconfirm the train tickets before you get in the train. You will see the address and the guide on the voucher and check in time a the office 1 hour before your departure.

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